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Contact Kristen and Rick Holmes
Phone: 575-487-2762
Message: 575-487-2430

Top quality Aberdeen Angus feeder and stocker calves have been raised on the Steve Trigg Ranch since 1918 when the Triggs brought the first herd of black cattle to New Mexico from Texas. This 50,000 acre ranch lies in the mesa country straddling the eastern edge of San Miguel County, 32 miles NNW of Tucumcari, NM. It is operated by Trigg Cattle Company. Kristen Holmes is the ranch manager with her husband Richard.

Eric Trigg was one of three keynote speakers that opened the 34th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering this year in Elko Nevada. Click HERE to see the video.

The New Mexico Section of the Society for Range Management awarded the "Excellence in Range Management" Award to Trigg Cattle Co. and the Trigg family at the Society’s annual meeting on January 10-11, 2013 at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum in Las Cruces. Kristen, Caitlin, and Hilary Holmes attended the Awards Luncheon to accept the award on behalf of the Trigg family. Click here to read the news release for the award.


The Trigg Ranch is actively trying to manage our lands using the Allan Savory method of holistic range management. Who is Allan Savory? Check out the following 22 minute video to find out!


Birds: Jo Osterhouse and Martin MacRoberts surveyed the bird population along Trigg
Road on May 4th and 5th, 2018. Here is a list of the birds they observed.

Eric departs Nana's International Airport and Colton vidoes the takeoff. Click to see video.

“The Last Family Ranch Left Standing”

Can a family ranch survive more than two or three generations? It seems inevitable that family disputes, death duties, or financial pressures eventually chip away until the property must be sold, in pieces or altogether, and the original ranch is just history.

The third generation descendants of Bess and Steve Trigg believe that the Trigg Ranch will be “the last family ranch left standing”. What makes us so sure? Read Linda’s account of “The Trigg Experience” to find out.

Jim Howell, certified educator and consultant for Allan Savory Holistic Management, visited the Trigg Ranch in August 2003 and wrote an article that was published in the Allan Savory Center's "In Practice" the following February.

Jim writes, "It was a pleasure to meet a ranching family with so many positive things going for them. With people and financial issues well under control, Rick and Kristen are well-poised to begin working on the ecological side of things. With locally adapted cattle, the support of the entire family, a healthy financial cushion, and a strong desire to improve, the Trigg Ranch really is bursting with possibility." Click here to read the article.

Alamosa was sprayed for mesquite on 6/18/08. Click to see video(AVI)

or here for (MOV).

Steve L. Trigg Jr. passed away July 2nd, 2002.

Steve Trigg operated the Trigg Ranch for over 60 years. He was a generous, kind, and well respected New Mexico rancher and we miss him dearly. Here is his obituary - a good read - and photos of his memorial service at the ranch.

Jeff Lane, president of The Bell Ranch ( , died in an airplane crash on Wednesday, August 15, 2007.

Sasha Remembered . . .

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