Branding in Wild Horse Flat

(Ellen's first time branding!)


Ariel Photo as ET arrives

ET lands on road by Wild Horse Flat

Tom loads the "Bud Box"

Tom unloads the "Bud Box"

Ellen's fisrt time flanking!

Ellen and Sean flanking, Kristen brands

Felix, Kristen, Abel

The small ones are done.

Guero ropes a big one!

Working a big calf.

Rick, Ellen, Felix, Kris, Paul looks on

Eric, Rick, Ellen, Abel, Paul, Felix standing

Rick castrating.

Castrating, OUCH!

Ellen vaccinates the big calves.

More branding.

Eric, Paul, Guero, Rick, Felix and Ellen

Sean, Tom, Abel, Rick,, Paul and Hillary

Sean loves to rope!

ET & Ellen depart for headquarters.