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Work Week 2013

Work Week 2013 was a huge success. It started out with Caitlin and Josh's wedding reception party Saturday June 15th so that a lot of people showed up. What a great time the party was. Thanks to the Holmes for all the hard work they put in preparing for the party!

With Sunday as a clean up / party recovery day work started on Papa Steve's house on Monday. We had a large crew with a lot of outstanding workers so we got a lot of work done in a short amount of time. The workers included Kristen, Rick, Hilary, Caitlin, Josh, Sally, Kelly, Sari, Steve, Yolie, Annette, Tom, Effie, Ellen, Edward, Margaret, Linda, John, Eric, Christine, Colton, Jake, Ryan, Connie, Dorothy, Paul, Stephanie, Kiley, Guerro, and Abel... with a special thank to Gene and Lisa, and especially Betty Ramsey who worked tirelessly in the kitchen! Thanks to all!!! Here are some pictures!