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Accomplishments: Work Week 2004

  • milk house wired for continuous electricity
  • milk house cleaned and water trough emptied, scrubbed, bleached and refilled
  • milk house roof torn off and shingles thrown in dump
  • milk house roof vacuumed, insulated, critter proofed, decked, new tin put on, and nails picked up
  • old ice box in milk house replaced with working coke cooler
  • mortared and pointed around windows and wall outside middle bathroom and Adeline's room
  • middle bathroom window redone to open
  • screen made for tin bathroom
  • two dinning room chairs rebuilt
  • new water heater installed in kitchen
  • new kitchen facet installed
  • shower curtain made and hung
  • curtains hemmed and re-hung
  • two long serving mats made
  • sheets in Nana's room mended
  • new wheels put on Electrolux vacuum cleaner
  • weeds whacked all around the house and drive
  • ivy trimmed in the courtyard
  • trees trimmed
  • weeds over septic tank chopped and ground prepared for planting flower seeds
  • drought resistant plants planted around drive
  • refrigerator in barn filled with R-12 refrigerant
  • new batteries put in self-dumping rain gauges (Alamosa, Paynes, Wild Horse Flat, and Red Mill)
  • barn cleaned and reorganized
  • dirt built up around barn and roof run off directed to freshly diked trees
  • seven ex-closures built near existing monitoring transect lines (Nana's, Creek, Dad's Runway, Alamosa, Wild Horse Flat, Red Mill, and Campana)
  • extension made for mesquite sprayer wand
  • mesquite sprayed in field around barn and Gail's house
  • Steve and Polly's ashes spread and their names carved on Alamosa Point
  • 12 delicious meals prepared and successfully devoured
  • arroyo and gully erosion control workshop attended


  • fantastic outdoor gas grill from John and Linda
  • router with bits from ranch
  • table saw, mitre saw and router bits from John and Linda
  • Joy of Cooking from John and Linda


(The twenty-seven people who made this long list possible were: Sally, Kelly, Eric, Christine, Colton, Dorothy, Jory, Coby, Stephen, Whittle, Kristen, Richard, Caitlin, Hilary, Tom, Effie, Edward, Ellen, Linda, John, Robin, Meade, Laura, Elliot, Annette, Glenda, Margaret, and to keep the ball rolling Sasha, Lucy, and Texas.)

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