John and Linda Decker make Guitars out of GRAPHITE! They are beautiful!!!

Favorite Links
Santa Fe New Mexican
Robin's Newspaper's website
Harding County
Harding County has a new web site. Check it out!
The CS Ranch
The CS Ranch near Cimmaron, NM is an old 200,000 acre family ranch that raises beef, horses, and provides many hunting opportunities.
Ute Creek Cattle Company
Jack Crews and Tuda Libby Crews Ranch on the Ute Creek near Bueyeros (if you can pronounce Bueyeros correctly you might be from New Mexico)
The Taos News
Robin's other website!
The Quivira Coalition
Fosters ecological, economic and social health on western landscapes through education, innovation, collaboration, and progressive public and private land stewardship.
Todd Lawerence is a friend that flies for Mesa and is a computer guru on the side. He provides the server for this web site!
The Bell Ranch
Our neighbors on the west side of the Trigg Ranch. Just a small place, 292,000 acres or so.
The Ray Ranch
Neighbors to the north, the Rays are an old established Ranching family near Roy, NM
Country Natural Beef
Pioners in the production and marketing of Natural Beef. Sally is working with them to start a similar co-op in the Southwest.

John Decker makes handmade wood guitars in his spare time.

Tom's Web Site

Tom spent a lot of time automating the new water tank distribution system monitoring system. See Water System Charts on his home page for the results. There are some great weather links here as well.

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