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Sasha, Kelly’s black Labrador/Chesapeake retriever mix, died at age 15 on July 15, 2008 at Nana’s. Sasha was not only Kelly’s close companion and Sally’s “grand dog,” but was close to the hearts of the Trigg family. Sasha had a zest for life: loving meals of most anything edible (and sometimes the not so edible); diving for rocks to help the kids build a dam; chasing balls; loving to swim in even the most smelly mud hole; trying to stay out of the path of curious cattle and snuggling cats; learning to be a ranch dog and ride in the back of a pickup; loving to journey about the West with Kelly; trying her best to behave as a well mannered canine; always showing her good sense and loving to be a part whatever was going on. Sasha was buried beneath an old, large, beautiful hackberry tree, not far from Nana’s house. A large rock was placed over her grave where Kelly will chisel her name, so that all can remember her with the affection she so richly deserves.

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